Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How do you feel about themed weddings?

I personally think they are great. Why not have super hero themed wedding? Or a beauty in the beast wedding? Or even whimsical fairy tale wedding? 

Whats wrong with having a little fun and twisting things up, its a day that you will remember for the rest of life and it only it happens once, make it fun! I know a friend that did a super hero themed with still keeping it classy and super cute. Her wedding turned out amazing, specially her pictures. They incorporated the super hero themed in a simple easy way. Definitely wasn't over the top, her and her husband did a great job.

Beauty in the Beast wedding, no joke. One of my high school friends literally had a beauty and the beast wedding. They were both really into Disney and so they not only had their wedding at the happiest place on earth but she made the entire event based on Beauty and the Beast.

Whimsical fairy tale wedding? Yes, please. Ball gown, glitter, slick blacked out tux diamonds a pearls a glass shoe.., sounds like a magical day to me.
All these weddings are special, specially to the couple because this is where the start there forever together. 

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