Monday, November 3, 2014

I liked it so i put a ring on it

How did he get down on one knee? 

Communication=Happy Couple
I know its more than him just getting down on one knee and asking "will you marry me?" How was the inflection in his voice? Did he get emotional? Did you get emotional? Did you go to your guy's favorite place? What were you wearing?

All these questions that i am asking you is for one reason we want to hear your answers. 
Tell me about your story, i want to hear all about it. It was the norm to get married right out of high school in past in my generation, people look at you like you are crazy if you got married at the young of an age now. Why? I think its because people think we need to find our selves, live the "life" (aka go to college get drunk every weekend), travel, go on tons of DATES, hook up your entire college class....To me this sounds disgusting, hard to believe, kind of makes me ant to throw up a little, actually a lot. ITS JUST SAD. 

If you are in love, both have stable jobs (working at bank, grocery store, law firm, stay home mom, cleaning lady, whatever the case is) if you have a dream that you want to pursue why not pursue it with the person you love? I see know problem in it. 

What is your dilemma? Are you in this kind of situation? Sit down, communicate, its is the key to every relationship. If you both put your mind to it, you can pursue your dream. 

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