Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How sweet it is

Love and Dessert.

It is so sweet. Its delicious, lovely, mouth watering, i cant get enough of it!
Tradition: A wedding cake, its the center piece. Its supposed to be. 
Always new wedding cake ideas are trending. 

I am a Pastry Chef, i am actually currently finishing up school and about to go out onto my externship. One of the main reasons of coming to school was to do wedding cakes, i made my very first wedding cake it was hard, fun and so rewarding in the end. Wedding cakes are my love, my true love...Just kidding but i really do love to make them because the finished product is always so rewarding specially when you give it the couple. Yes, sometimes it doesn't turn out how you like or how they like, but that what you learn from. 

What about not having the traditional wedding cake and having pies, cupcakes, actual cheese cakes like liget cheese rounds and pairing it with some nice wine for dessert. Why not? What the hell? If you dont have that big of a sweet tooth and your a cheese lover then DO IT! no one is stopping you!

Share me your ideas on traditional wedding cakes or your favorite type of dessert to have at a wedding? 

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