Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Traditions or Superstition?

Its fun to see how creative the bride and groom get when they are planning their wedding. There is not one wedding that they are all exactly the same. Everyone has their own style and personality and that always stands out in their wedding.
So interesting right? I am going to tell you about all the different traditions and superstitions. You will be surprised at least i was surprised when i was doing some researching.
1. Hey did you know that brides, tuck a sugar cube into your glove, according to Greek culture, the sugar will sweeten your union.2.  Very interesting, in English tradition, Wednesday is considered the "best day" to marry, although Monday is for wealth and Tuesday is for health3. In Holland, a pine tree is planted outside the newlyweds' home as a symbol of fertility and luck.4. A Swedish bride puts a silver coin from her father and a gold coin from her mother in each shoe to ensure that she'll never do without. 5. For good luck, Egyptian women pinch the bride on her wedding day. Ouch!I am going to keep doing research on this, because i want to know MORE! You should do the same. Look at this site its one of my favorites so far! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/the-knot/50-wedding-traditions-and_b_3901136.html

Monday, November 10, 2014


How are you going to ask your girls to be part of the big day?

I think its a great idea to ask your girls in a cute way to be one of your bridesmaids. I also think its something that is memorable for you and them. Something that is thoughtful. I have thought of a couple of ideas, you can take them or leave them. But maybe it will get your mind rollin', if you know what i mean..Okay, seriously though here are some neat ideas. 
1. Do you have a girlfriend that is a coffee lover? Make a mug!
2. Wine not? Change a lable on her favorite bottle of wine and make it your own
3.Monogrammed jewelry that they can wear in the wedding!
4. Make them a kit of all the stuff they are going to be needing while getting ready before the wedding.
5. Is country your kind of thang? Bye each girl boots for them to wear on the big day!

Hopefully you will get inspired by these ideas or maybe you take them and turn it into reality. Goodluck! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How sweet it is

Love and Dessert.

It is so sweet. Its delicious, lovely, mouth watering, i cant get enough of it!
Tradition: A wedding cake, its the center piece. Its supposed to be. 
Always new wedding cake ideas are trending. 

I am a Pastry Chef, i am actually currently finishing up school and about to go out onto my externship. One of the main reasons of coming to school was to do wedding cakes, i made my very first wedding cake it was hard, fun and so rewarding in the end. Wedding cakes are my love, my true love...Just kidding but i really do love to make them because the finished product is always so rewarding specially when you give it the couple. Yes, sometimes it doesn't turn out how you like or how they like, but that what you learn from. 

What about not having the traditional wedding cake and having pies, cupcakes, actual cheese cakes like liget cheese rounds and pairing it with some nice wine for dessert. Why not? What the hell? If you dont have that big of a sweet tooth and your a cheese lover then DO IT! no one is stopping you!

Share me your ideas on traditional wedding cakes or your favorite type of dessert to have at a wedding? 

Lets get to the good part


So many ideas on what to feed your guests. You can feed them in a way that is has a nice presentation but still keeping it affordable and classy. If you follow those rules you will be golden! 
#1: I know you probably think i am a little cray cray for saying this but you need to think of a meal that you will serve that wont give you the burps and farts...
#2: You still want it to look presentable when you plate it, not to messy! 
#3: The food you serve should be pretty simple but still full of flavor
#4: Be creative, your guests like that
#5: Make it one of the talks of the night!

I am going to give you some foody ideas! Take them or leave it. Make your own up, or pinterest it up! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

money, money, money...chaching!

Traditional the brides family is who pays for the wedding. Sometimes we have upside down family traditions and the bride and the grooms family help pay for it together, or if it doesn't work like that then it is actually the couple that pays for their wedding and honeymoon.

Did you even think about maybe they just walking to the court house and getting married right then and there. Hey, I have nothing wrong with that, as long as its for the right reasons.

I think if it is all for the right reasons then i say why not. If you are the kind of couple that really isn't into he whole "party and invite tons of people" then heck ya I give all props to you. Because if i was in your position I couldn't do it just because i want basically the whole world to be part of my day, not really, but kind of! 

Just because its that time of year!

Its my favorite time of the year!

FALL. Holidays. Cold weather. Snuggling. Apple Cider. Rain. Scarfs. Leaves, lots of them. Pumpkin. Pumpkin, oh wait did I say pumpkin? Campfires. S'mores. Uggs. Tons and tons of layers of clothes. Stuffing, sweet potatoes. Delicious food. Oh and wedding season!

My favorite season is fall if you haven't already found that out. I love it too much. This is my personal favorite season for wedding planning, just because its SO beautiful. So many pretty places to get married. So many cute decorations, flowers, pictures, weather, color schemes are to die for, really yummy seasonal food options, everything is just perfect! 

What is your favorite season? Tell me why its your favorite.
Comment below. 

How do you feel about themed weddings?

I personally think they are great. Why not have super hero themed wedding? Or a beauty in the beast wedding? Or even whimsical fairy tale wedding? 

Whats wrong with having a little fun and twisting things up, its a day that you will remember for the rest of life and it only it happens once, make it fun! I know a friend that did a super hero themed with still keeping it classy and super cute. Her wedding turned out amazing, specially her pictures. They incorporated the super hero themed in a simple easy way. Definitely wasn't over the top, her and her husband did a great job.

Beauty in the Beast wedding, no joke. One of my high school friends literally had a beauty and the beast wedding. They were both really into Disney and so they not only had their wedding at the happiest place on earth but she made the entire event based on Beauty and the Beast.

Whimsical fairy tale wedding? Yes, please. Ball gown, glitter, slick blacked out tux diamonds a pearls a glass shoe.., sounds like a magical day to me.
All these weddings are special, specially to the couple because this is where the start there forever together. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

I liked it so i put a ring on it

How did he get down on one knee? 

Communication=Happy Couple
I know its more than him just getting down on one knee and asking "will you marry me?" How was the inflection in his voice? Did he get emotional? Did you get emotional? Did you go to your guy's favorite place? What were you wearing?

All these questions that i am asking you is for one reason we want to hear your answers. 
Tell me about your story, i want to hear all about it. It was the norm to get married right out of high school in past in my generation, people look at you like you are crazy if you got married at the young of an age now. Why? I think its because people think we need to find our selves, live the "life" (aka go to college get drunk every weekend), travel, go on tons of DATES, hook up your entire college class....To me this sounds disgusting, hard to believe, kind of makes me ant to throw up a little, actually a lot. ITS JUST SAD. 

If you are in love, both have stable jobs (working at bank, grocery store, law firm, stay home mom, cleaning lady, whatever the case is) if you have a dream that you want to pursue why not pursue it with the person you love? I see know problem in it. 

What is your dilemma? Are you in this kind of situation? Sit down, communicate, its is the key to every relationship. If you both put your mind to it, you can pursue your dream. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happily Ever After

Customizing your happily ever after honeymoon on a budget

It can be difficult. I am here to help you! We are going to find you the perfect luxury vacation for you finding the perfect destination that matches your expectations. We have the entire world to look at, literally.

Lets start with, where have you always wanted to go? Do you want to go to a tropical place? Cozy, mountainy feel place? Or just a really nice gorgeous comfy bed..? I mean we have to lay out on line, right? We all know that we were thinking it.

First you have to make a list of where you both want to go, I am going to show you that you can stay in a budget and still have the time of your life. Whether that means going only a couple hours away, going on a road trip, or if that means getting on a plane somewhere.

You are thinking a couple hours away? Little did you know you are s lucky you live in Oregon, because there are so many places to go visit. You can find so many luxury getaways right in your own backyard. From experience I know a couple places on the back of my hand. Trilium Lake, Lost Lake, Timberline Lodge, Gearheart, The Hot Springs, Cannon Beach Area, etc

Out of state, why not? Seattle supa close! Great fun city so much do, yet still romantic. California Baby! San Fran, Sacramento, Tahoe, L.A. Monterrey Bay, San Diego, Santa Barbra, Santa Cruz, to many to choose from!

Leaving on a jet plane? One idea, small wedding big honeymoon. Greece, New Zealand, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Costa Rica, Thailand etc. Take a pick. These are the places that i want to travel to or have traveled too. Having a smaller wedding or even having a destination wedding is a great way to compromise. 

Tis' to the season of weddings and traveling! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Best part is, you can shorten it and wear it again

What is your favorite part of weddings? 

When the bride walks down the aisle?
The free food?
All the pictures you can take in one night?
Dancing your ass off all night?
Having a couple glasses of wine or just the entire open bar?
Getting the opportunity to catch the bouquet of flowers or the garter?
When the bride walks down the aisle you look back at the poor sucker that is standing there?
Or is it the BRIDES DRESS? 

I love the brides dress, has to be one of my favorite parts of the whole shabang! Today's generation there so many options to choose from. Maybe to many options!

The significance of wearing a white wedding dress is a symbol of purity and virginity. Does that mean you have to wear a white wedding dress? No! But that is the tradition. Other wedding dress colors are cream and even a very very light pink. 

There are new wedding dresses being designed daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally and yearly. So many wedding dresses to choose from any price range, super cheap to millions of dollars.

Your dream wedding comes in all different shapes and sizes. You have the opportunity to design your perfect day, all you have to do is pick out your style, budget and size. 
Styles: Short, long, strapless, long sleeve, backless, sweetheart, mermaid, a-line, lacey empire waist, ballgown, etc.
Get down to business and find the dress that fits you perfectly, because always remember you can shorten and wear it again! 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ask Hannah

Brides to be, soon become paper divas

One of my girl friends from back home in California is getting ready to marry her best friend. She asked me for a little bit of wedding invitation advice. Here we go!

Kaylee Says: We are ready to design our wedding invitations! We are wanting a chic look but still simple and elegant. One of the things that we are struggling with is we are not exactly sure how to include all of the details into the invitation. Other than the date, time, place, and registration. Our venue is a little tricky to find, so i would like to put a map on it, but at the same time I don't want it to look cluttered. Help me! 

Hannah Says: I am going to let you in on a small secret, you can totally turn it down but this is what i would do if i were you. I would make an enclosure card! Keeping it within the invitation that is a "detailed" paper, this is still keeping it stylish and chic. Enclosure cards are the perfect way to show your guests wedding day details, like registration, maps, attire etc. Easy way to give them important information! 

Do you think paper invitations are going out of style? 

My Opinion: I think it totally depends on the kind of person. For me personally, I like getting an invitation in the mail. Going to the mail box looking through all the bills that you need to pay and then a sweet little invite is in the midst of all the depressing stuff. Open it up already! And put on the fridge! Getting a facebook notification, evite, email, tweet just isnt the same to me, by all means if that's your kind of style, fast and easy then go right ahead and do it! 

Tell me how you like to receive invites? Go take the quiz! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Flash. Flash. Flash!

First, Happy Wednesday!

Homework assignment: research a photographer that is your kind of style. You don't want to schedule a photo session, pay money and waste your time with a photographer  that doesn't match your needs. They could seem super boho floraly style and you were looking for a simple rusticy chic style. So it is very important to do your homework.

Modern Romance Style

Time to go shopping (or rage your closet). Then go find an outfit for your man. Shoot in a style that is current, romantic and elegant. Yes, you can be trendy but remember trendy goes out of style, in 5 years. You will be looking back at these pictures 10, 20, 30, 40...years away. 

Going to the Chapel...

Rain, rain go away?

So many beautiful places in Oregon that you can get married at, you can't go wrong!
Rain might be the only problem. What if its raining?  Don't freak out, every venue has its own answers. Like an umbrella..okay, but really they have tents.  

Can't go wrong with the state of Oregon

Honestly if you choose Oregon to be part of your special day, it wont let you down. It is one of the most magical places in the United States and also in the world. It has so much to offer, whether you choose inside a chapel or the outside beauty. Waterfalls, barns, lakes, mountains, city life, rustic country life. The list is never ending! Want to know my top 8? This is just 8, my list is always, always growing. I keep exploring this state and i can't stop, its addicting!

1.The lodge at suttle lake , Sisters Or. 
2. Hubbard  Chapel, Hubbard OR.
3. Sun River Resort, Sun River OR.
4. Mt. Hood Bed and Breakfast, Parkdale OR.
5. Clackamas River Farm, Eagle Creek OR.
6. Brasads Ranch, Bend Or.
7. Green Villa Barn&Ranch, Independence OR.
8. Eagle Landing, Happy Valley OR.

I want to hear where you ended up choosing? Tell me all about it!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ladies:When you fall in love with your best friend!


He has finally gotten down on one knee, and asked you to marry him, there is no better moment in your life then that. Tears of joy, tears of happiness and tears of forever. You can finally both say that you are going to spend the rest of your days on this earth together. Growing old in each others arms

Let the planning begin

Its that time!--Please try to not become a bridezilla, in morning make sure to drink a mimosa so you can handle your mother-in-law and also remember to take a breather. Do you have sisters your childhood best friend, college roommate? First pick your maid of honor then pick a couple other close girlfriends. Keeping it simple is the best way to go, a smaller bridal shower is one of the keys. You have to stop the list at some point. 

Color Scheme 

Choosing a color...or colors! This is where it starts to get super fun, what time of the year are you wanting to get married? Fall? Summer? (so freaking hot) Spring? Winter? Time to to decide. Color scheme will not only narrow it down to the flowers colors, but the dresses and tux's, table cloths etc. Let's get down to business!