Monday, November 10, 2014


How are you going to ask your girls to be part of the big day?

I think its a great idea to ask your girls in a cute way to be one of your bridesmaids. I also think its something that is memorable for you and them. Something that is thoughtful. I have thought of a couple of ideas, you can take them or leave them. But maybe it will get your mind rollin', if you know what i mean..Okay, seriously though here are some neat ideas. 
1. Do you have a girlfriend that is a coffee lover? Make a mug!
2. Wine not? Change a lable on her favorite bottle of wine and make it your own
3.Monogrammed jewelry that they can wear in the wedding!
4. Make them a kit of all the stuff they are going to be needing while getting ready before the wedding.
5. Is country your kind of thang? Bye each girl boots for them to wear on the big day!

Hopefully you will get inspired by these ideas or maybe you take them and turn it into reality. Goodluck! 

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