Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Lets get to the good part


So many ideas on what to feed your guests. You can feed them in a way that is has a nice presentation but still keeping it affordable and classy. If you follow those rules you will be golden! 
#1: I know you probably think i am a little cray cray for saying this but you need to think of a meal that you will serve that wont give you the burps and farts...
#2: You still want it to look presentable when you plate it, not to messy! 
#3: The food you serve should be pretty simple but still full of flavor
#4: Be creative, your guests like that
#5: Make it one of the talks of the night!

I am going to give you some foody ideas! Take them or leave it. Make your own up, or pinterest it up! 

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